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Cute Vision Training B&W Rattle




Brand : TOLOLO

Material: pp cotton

Size: abou6*15cm/2.36*5.91in

Applicable age: 0-1 years old

  • Newborn Toys: A set contains sand hammer + dumbbell toys, the black and white outline of the rattle toy can well attract the baby's attention and stimulate the baby's visual awareness of objects. It is a toy suitable for newborns.
  • Soothing Baby's Emotions: When you shake this pendant rattle toy, it will make a pleasant wind bell, and the soft and soothing sound can make your baby fall asleep.
  • Various Scenes: This rattle toy can be used as a soothing toy, or it can be placed in a stroller, crib, etc., to accompany the baby for a long time.
  • Proper Size: About 6*15cm, warm animal toys can exercise the baby's grasping ability, no fluorescence, the baby can rest assured to bite, it is the perfect toy for the baby.
  • Warm Gift: You can give this toy as a newborn gift to moms around you, they will love this gift very much.

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Cute Vision Training Black & White Rattle

dumbbell, Hammer


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