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Cute Tactile Baby Massage Ball




Material :  Plastic (No BPA)
Quality inspection export : has passed the EU CE certification, light soft rubber material
Nothing is more important than the healthy growth of children. Earle childhood toys are only toys that are truly exported.
Packing :Boxed, 4  and 6 balls with different textures in a box
  • 4 and 6 spherical texture balls, different texture balls for different preferences of BB
  • Develop the sensory organs of BB, making it easier to explore the shape and color of the ball
  • The vacuum-packed ball easily restores its original shape after squeezing the air
  • ABA safety plastic, the surface is easier to clean and handle
  • Convenient to carry and comfort, light weight, easy to grasp
  • Do not scald or steam at high temperature, just wash and disinfect with warm water
  • After the ball enters the water, do not squeeze the air hole of the ball against the BB
  • There is a BB device in the bottom hole of the ball. When playing in the water, please squeeze out the water first. After cleaning, please avoid direct sun deformation or discoloration. Air dry in a ventilated place.

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Cute Tactile Soft Ball

4 Pcs, 6 Pcs


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