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Cute Rainbow Molar Teeth (6 Pcs)


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Brand : mqmqs&pdpds
Material: Plastic
1. Size: single diameter 5 × 7 cm
2. Contains: 6 rings (1 in blue ring, 1 in light yellow ring, 1 in red ring, 1 in green ring, 1 in orange ring, 1 in white plus red ring)
3. Applicable age: baby over 6 Month +
4. Features: a variety of gameplay, suitable for baby practice grasping and developing intelligence, rich color and texture to stimulate baby’s visual development
5. Disinfection instructions: material is safe, does not contain BPA, do not boil water or microwave cooking, use warm water or clean with neutral detergent before use
6. Function: string the string to the baby as a toy, connect some toys to the safety seat or cart, and the big month old baby can develop various combinations of shapes


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