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Cute Long Leg Giraffe_Green


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Product brand : HAPPY MONKEY

Product size : H37cm*W12cm

Applicable age :over 0 months

Product filling : PP cotton

Product material : polyester fiber + plastic parts

product weight : about 181g

Product function : Train the baby’s grasping ability and vision.

Babies over three months old begin to be interested in and feel new things around them. At this time, they begin to develop their own exploration instinct. They begin to grasp objects and pay attention to the sounds around them. At this time, babies especially like toys that can shake and squeeze, so simple toys with different touches and sounds are better. . Baby toys

This series of giraffe car hanging toys is needed by the baby during the growth process. Grasp the body of the small animal and its plastic parts, gently shake the rubber ring and make a sound when it collides, exercise the baby’s hearing ability. The giraffe’s body has a built-in BB device. Use small hands to squeeze and make a sound. Frequent grasping increases the development of the baby’s small hand muscles; there are sound papers in the ears, and the baby will make a “squeaking” sound when squeezed, which attracts the baby’s attention and cultivates the baby’s interest; rich color matching, attracts The baby’s eyeballs increase vision, and at the same time, the baby’s cognition of small animals during play allows the baby to grow up healthily in happiness.


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