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Cute Cot Mosquito Net


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Brand : Happy Team

Age : 0 Month +

Size: 136cm x 68cm x 68cm.

Anti-insect baby mosquito net

In a sultry room, tired and irritable little babies can’t do without a good resting environment, especially when parents want their babies to have a peaceful sleep time, this type of insect-proof mosquito net can solve it greatly. this problem.

In the hot summer, families who stay at home or often go out on vacation, when necessary, use mosquito nets to open one side of the mosquito nets to adjust the temperature inside the mosquito nets, which can provide more ventilation and create a relaxing environment, but some parents We are reluctant to do this, because as soon as one side of the mosquito net is opened, some insects may fly in, which will put the babies in some unavoidable dangers.

The anti-insect mosquito nets are elastic around, and four fixed belts are installed around them, which provides a guarantee for your baby, even in the sultry night, it can guarantee your baby a stable and cool environment, and is protected. Sleeping soundly all night.




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