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Cute Black and White Creative Multifunctional Zebra


Brand rand: BBSKY
Product size: 25*14
Product weight: 190g
Applicable age: 6m+

Product description:

1. It is designed with the image of a cartoon calf, with rich functions and practical products. It is a loyal partner of the baby.

2. The face of the toy adopts advanced computer embroidery technology, which greatly improves the overall quality and makes the toy more vivid and lovely.

3. The sound box is built in the head, and the baby can play with it as a large hand crank, making a beeping sound.

4. The hollow abacus inlay in the middle of the belly can be used as a hand ring to play, and the baby’s small hand fluctuates to calculate the beads, which is very interesting to exercise the fine movement of the small hand.

5. The whole toy is equipped with 3 pieces of personalized teether. The baby can chew the teether and massage the gums at any time while playing to reduce the discomfort during teething.

6. Colored labels are for baby’s little hand pull to exercise baby’s little arm strength.

7. The colorful particle ring, shake it to make a crisp sound, arouse the baby’s curiosity.

8. The toy pendant is made of high-quality crystal super soft fabric, which does not shed hair, and can be washed. The printing pattern adopts the heat transfer high temperature sublimation process, which can pass the color fastness test, does not fade, and can rest assured to play with the baby.

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