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Cute Long-Legged Rabbit Doll




Product name: BBSKY plush long-legged rabbit
Product size: 20cm (sitting)
Product brand: Rabe
Applicable age]: 0 m+
Product introduction: The reason why the BBSKY rabbit is called “Su Rui the same style”: For a while, the media snapped photos of Tom’s daughter Su Rui holding this rabbit traveling with her parents on the Internet, hence the name. This product uses environmentally friendly super soft short plush as the fabric, the texture is delicate and silky, and the baby can bite. It is suitable for babies of any age. For infants, the plush bunny is a good sleeping doll. Soon after birth, he will be full of anxiety in a strange world, and will often grasp things to ease his anxiety and tension. Let this cute bunny as a companion and grow up with the baby.

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Cute BBSKY Long-Legged Rabbit Doll

Pink, White


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