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Cute Seat Rear View Observation Mirror




There is a new product for the rear mirror of a baby car seat that is often missed by the dears. It breaks the traditional design. The design is new and practical!

When you drive your baby out, because you can’t see the baby in the car from time to time, you don’t consciously look back, or you always want to know if the baby is asleep, eating, or playing. . . , Staring left and right, distracted, driving inattention, do you know? This is very dangerous. When you look back, you can’t know the previous situation, and the danger may be potential in it! With this observation mirror, this has become a relaxed and happy solution, allowing you to drive with ease and enjoy the fun of driving.

1. What is a professional seat observation mirror?
*It is easy to satisfy the adults while observing the baby in the car without affecting the children!
*The mirror surface is acrylic, which will not threaten the baby, and the clarity is also very good.

This observation mirror is suitable for all child seats installed in reverse and can be rotated 360 degrees. Mom and dad in the driving position can see the baby’s status without rotating the original rearview mirror. The baby can also see the mother through the mirror, which is more at ease.

2. Humanized design, effectively avoiding accidents when looking backwards while driving.

3. The mirror surface is covered by a protective film, please tear off the protective film when using it. From the picture, we can see that the image taken from the color box next to it is very clear. The mirror surface is made of acrylic, which will not threaten the baby, it is not made of glass

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Cute Baby Observation Car Mirror

Cute Baby Observation Car Mirror -Blue Deer, Cute Baby Observation Car Mirror -Brown Bear, Cute Baby Observation Car Mirror -Ocean


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