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Cute Anti-Eccentric Head Shaping Pillow




Product name : baby comfort pillow

Product brand :TOLOLO

Product size :W25.5*H21.5cm

Applicable age: Over 0 months

Product function :Promote the baby’s sleep, protect the baby’s head healthy development, and let the baby grow up healthily.

Newborn babies lie on the bed for a long time, which is easy to cause flat heads. Does the baby’s sleeping problems always bother mothers, so mothers should take precautions… Our baby pillow is effective The baby solves this problem. The grooved neck guard design allows the baby to evenly disperse the pressure when turning the head , giving the baby a good head shape, which can shape the shape and prevent the head from being deflected. The safe and soft fabric is specially designed for babies aged 0-1-3. Give them a good sleep. Only when the sleep is good can the baby grow up healthily and quickly!

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Cute Anti-Eccentric Head Shaping Pillow

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