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Cute Animal World Early Education Bed Round Cloth Book


Size: About 92*14cm
Material: Cloth
Suitable Age: Babies Over 0 Months
Introduction: 1. The Manes Of Giraffes And Lions Are Filled With Ringing Paper, And They Will Rustle As Soon As They Are Grasped;
2. Sunflower Is Actually A Safety Mirror, Which Can Satisfy Your Baby’s Curiosity (Safety Mirror Is Similar To Hip-Hop Mirror/Deformation Mirror! Suitable For Small Babies To Look Up Close And Have Fun,)

3. The Monkey Has A Built-In Bb Device, Which Makes A Bb Sound When Pinched;
4. The Body Of The Little Sheep Is Plush; Different Fabrics Exercise The Baby’s Tactile Ability.
With Complete Functions, It Is A Good Educational Toy For Infants And Toddlers! Very Good Baby Bed Pendant! Babies Over 6 Months Old Can Also Be Used As Books To Recognize Animals, Not Only On The Bed. It Is Divided Into Two Sides, One Side Is Mainly Black And White With High Contrast, Suitable For 0-3 Months Of Newborns. One Side Is Colored, Suitable For Babies Over 3 Months

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