Cute Toys & Cute Care is the sole agent of KUB Sri Lanka franchise.


The name of KUB, “K” means “KISS”, “U” means “YOUR”, “B” means “Baby”. They hope through their service and product; parents can enjoy their time with baby. KUB will make parenting easier. KUB is the leader in Malaysia, China & Europe, about maternal and child high standard quality, focusing on maternal and child supplies, and adhering to the mission of  “Easy parenting”. Brand Introduction KUB was established in 2009, the world’s leading manufacturer of maternal and child quality standards, focusing on maternal and child products, as well as research and development of high-quality maternal and child products.


KUB is adhere to the mission of “making childcare easier”. They provide high-quality, healthy, safe and technological maternal and child-based products for the global baby, and they are committed to protecting the healthy growth of children. KUB work hard to meet all the needs of baby growth, provides all-round growth solutions for children from 0~7 years old.


With excellent growth as the core, KUB provides all kinds of maternity products such as sleep, teaching, nursing, travel, feeding, children’s wear, security and maternity, and also provides a set of childcare guide services to help our mothers and achieve easy childcare. At the same time, KUB cooperates with internationally renowned infant and child exports and research laboratories to improve excellent standards in the filed of maternal and child supplies.